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Sneak peek #1
Baby Giraffes. The Sanctuary got even better! Two baby Giraffes will join the Sanctuary for some extra cuteness

Baby Giraffes puzzle pieces are collectible once you have both adult Giraffes.

2 decorations are unlocked with the Baby Giraffes


Sneak Peek #2: Meet the Giraffes!
These tall & shy but cute giraffes
will have a blast in your Sanctuary!
 Once you unlock them,
you will get new fancy decorations with them!
Sneak Peek #3: Meet the Elephants!
They love to play hide and seek...
Do you think you can find them?
Also, there are new decorations available
once you unlock them!
Sneak Peek #4: Meet the Hippos!
These cuties love to play in the mud and nap
Beauty your Sanctuary with the decorations that unlock with them
Sneak Peek #5: Derby themes!
Tasks related to the theme will give you up to 400 points!

Finally what you have been waiting for!
The new EGGciting update is here and so is the new Wildlife Sanctuary, Derby themes and of course, our fifth birthday celebrations!
Status: Hay Day is in maintenance! The update is currently rolling out worldwide, so please be patient if you can't update yet!
update now
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